Whelping Services

Breeding dogs has been such an incredible blessing, but even blessings can be hard work.  Whether it’s an English Bulldog or a Bully litter, bull type puppies can be challenging to whelp.  The process is time consuming and delicate. 

I’m happy to offer my years of experience in this area.  I offer whelping services for up to six weeks.  If you have an emergency or just need a break, I can take mom and puppies for whatever timeframe you have in mind.

A standard whelp includes free feeding of dry food with supplements (Gestamate & calcium) to mom, frequent walks/breaks, helping mom nurse puppies every two hours, keeping mom safe and comfortable between nursing sessions, maintaining pristine conditions for all, and worming puppies.  Additional services include, but are not limited to, tube feeding, oxygen treatments, incubation, raw feeding, and IV fluids.